WWE divas and female wrestling superstars

WWE’s popularity in America is extremely high. The fights there are theatrical – the scripts are prepared in advance, but pro-wrestling still has a lot of fans. WWE executives quickly realized that the league also needed female fights to be more successful. As a result, there are also a lot of female fighters there, who are no worse than their male colleagues and pretty
popular among bettors.

Who are WWE Diva wrestlers and why to bet on them?

Charm, fighting skills, muscle and cocky personality are the main qualities of every WWE fighter. The female wrestling superstars we’ve listed in this article are the best examples of wrestlers you can find. The selection of the fighters that you will see below was extremely difficult for us, as there are over 100 female WWE Superstar wrestlers and many others that are not in the focus of professional wrestlers. Betting on female wrestlers is as popular on mens’ one, so if you like betting on wrestling you should try this one too.

China (Joan Marie Laurer)
WWE Wrestlers must combine the strength and dexterity of WWE’s greatest wrestlers with the grace and softness of sexy eye candy. Despite the fact that all fighters fit this description, Chyna is someone who can fight like a man (even better) and looks like a real woman. She began her career in the era of attitude, and she was often called “the 9th wonder of the world”.

Lita (Amy Christine Dumas)
Redhead Lita is one of the game-changing wrestlers in this sport. From the outset, she was rock solid and performed moves popular with the best wrestlers. Lita is known as the first anti-div and the first wrestler to demand that women in the WWE be called superstars, not divas. On the ring, Lita kicked and made a lunar assault. She has become a source of inspiration for women, being tough and incredibly feminine at the same time.

One of the most iconic feuds in wrestling history is the competition between Lita and Trish Stratus. Their dispute would have been resolved earlier, if not for the terrible injury to the neck, which took Lita’s life for almost a year and a half. She returned as a major contributor to Edge’s performance, but Lita’s betrayal of Matt Hardy with Edge and his aching neck led to her retirement.

Trish Stratus
Next on our list of Diva wrestlers is Trish Stratus. For the wrestling team, Test and Albert quickly ended, and she became a real wrestling star. Her flawless body and good fighting skills were not enough to make audiences ignore his mic debut. A second chance and hard work made her one of the best fighters.

A drama about all the great fighters of the WWE Division Trish Division Face for over five years. During Ostrich’s sports career, his biggest rival for the Greatest Diva of All Time title was Lita.

Beth Phoenix (Elizabeth Copeland)
Beth Phoenix is one of the most dominant, destructive and handsome Diva Wrestlers. Phoenix’s television debut as Trish Stratus’s girlfriend ended in injury. Beth returned a year later as Glamazon and quickly destroyed the Lesser Divas.

The unfortunate couple with Santino ended when Santino kicked her out of the Divas Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV. In the years that followed, Phoenix vied with LayCool, Michelle McCool the cool diva Natalia.

Why should you bet on women in WWE?

Women’s wrestling has the same amount of popularity and money from sponsors as well as the quality of the fights, which are not inferior to male shows. If you are into betting on men’s wrestling you should definitely try to bet on women’s as well. The rules for betting are the same so the only thing you need is to analyse backgrounds of fighters and watch their fights on a regular basis. Bet wisely and win.