What is WWE and how to bet on it?

WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment is the largest wrestling federation in the world. It has conquered the world of wrestling by being the most popular fights organizator. It is also the most popular among those who like to bet on wrestling. So, how has everything started?

What exactly is wrestling?

For those who do not understand what we are talking about, I will explain: it is a theatrical staged struggle, where the winner of each match is predetermined in advance. Wrestling as a sport or entertainment is not very developed in our country, while in the United States the annual turnover of the American federation is more than 600 million dollars. Betting on it is very popular in the US.

How did wrestling appear in the US

WWE’s roots go back to 1877, when one unofficial wrestling organization called the National Wrestling Alliance was founded. The unofficial National Wrestling Alliance came into being in 1877.
Only 70 years after its inception, the NWA became official – this event took place on July 14, 1947. Before a more detailed story about WWE, it should be mentioned that this sport
at that time was very different from what we see now.
In addition to the very style of this sport, the methods of holding competitions and the traditions of local performances differed. And first of all, it must be said that then the victory in the classic match was carried out by means of two pins (falls) out of three. And it was this seemingly small moment that caused the WWE to emerge. At that time this sport did not have lots of sponsors so betting on it was not widespread.

The great split

In 1963, there was a conflict within the alliance, caused by a fight for the NWA champion title between Badie Rogers (the ward of Vincent McMahon the Elder, who is often called the “grandfather of modern wrestling”) and Louis Thesem. The fight took place in Toronto. Rogers lost, and everything would have been fine, if not for one thing: Louis was awarded a victory over Badi, having recorded only one pin foul, and not two of the three taken at that time. Taking advantage of this violation of tradition, Vince and his fellow Toots Mondt simply refused to acknowledge the title change. This incident was the main impetus for the fact that on January 25, 1963, Vince McMahon announced the creation of a new, independent championship from the NWA. Its name contained four words – World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF).

In a short period of its existence, the Federation was able to seize control of the capital Washington, the states of Pennsylvania and New York, Maryland and New Jersey.. Then, in the spring of 1963, Badi Rogers, the first ever Federation Champion, ceded his title to a wrestler named Bruno Sammartino.
This moment can be considered the starting point of the Organization we are talking about. The new champion held the title for 7 years. During this period, the young federation grew stronger and became the only competitor to the NWA monopoly.

The creation of modern WWE

In June 1982, after retiring from his father’s business, a man who was destined to turn this sport not only into an industry, but also into entertainment stands at the helm of the Federation – precisely in the sense of the word that we mean when we watch the word ENTERTAINMENT.
In 1983, Vincent McMahon Jr. declared his withdrawal from the alliance. Bringing more and more flamboyant athletes to his label, Vince is focusing on storytelling and star opposition.

Why should you bet on WWE?

WWE is the most popular federation which means that all of the best fighters and highest bet rates are here. Despite fights being staged it is still hard to predict who will win, so do not forget to analyse the fighters to have better chances of winning a bet.