When does CM Punk return?

During the next show from All Elite Wrestling, former wrestler CM Punk appeared in the ring, which caused a storm of emotions at the stadium. Taking the floor already in the ring, the legendary fighter announced that he was returning to professional wrestling.

As a reminder, CM Punk ended his collaboration with WWE and wrestling in general back in 2014. For many, he became an idol throughout the wrestling world.

The period of Phil Brooks’ career in the early 10s can truly be considered the best. Where he reached the peak of his wrestling abilities. Yes, back in 2006 it was clear that Vince saw CM Punk as one of the company’s top wrestlers. But the question was when? In the period 2006-2010 Punk had 3 championships, then still existing in the heavyweight division, which is not bad at all. But for the most part, Brooks remained in the midcard, and in supporting roles.

CM Punk ceased to be mainstream after the Royal Rumble 2013, where he lost his WWE title to Rock, and thus completed the legendary Rhine. This is not so true. Yes, he is no longer a champion. But the ongoing Punk vs Rock feud, which continued after the Battle Royale and ended up in a rematch at the Elimination Chamber, where Phil Brooks lost, still remained the main one in the company.

Source: tvline.com