Everything you need to know about wrestling and betting on it.

Wrestling is not a kind of martial arts, but rather a whole theatrical performance, designed to give the audience a whole scattering of emotions. Professional wrestlers combine several qualities. They master a variety of martial arts techniques, demonstrate outstanding athletic skills, but at the same time are trained in acting skills in order to present the fight as a real spectacle that attracts fans and those who like to bet on such events.

Peculiarities of wrestling

Earlier in wrestling there was a competitive moment, intrigue was kept. Nowadays, tournaments have grown into big shows, and fights are nothing more than staging. All federations, under the auspices of which the battles take place, make up the confrontation scenarios, and the wrestlers just follow the previously agreed-upon schemes. However, viewers enjoy such shows, because they do not know who will be the winner. Although wrestling is not approved as a sport, it has several federations.


Any ratings of wrestling competitions will be headed by the American WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) – literally, World wrestling performances. The Federation was founded in 1952, and is popular all over the world, becoming an iconic brand, and it is popularized by no less iconic personalities. Even people far from wrestling, MMA, and in general any martial arts people have probably heard about John Cena.

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WWE tournaments do not have an age limit – they do not have blood, foul language or other elements that require an “18+” mark from the organizer, which is why the popularity of the competitions is growing exponentially. In more than 50% of cases, wrestling bets imply the shows organized by the American federation.


Founders of the IMPACT Federation! intend to influence the current balance of power. The Jarrett brothers founded the company in 2002, positioning it as the main competitor to WWE. Unlike the American pioneer company, IMPACT! saturating the show with acrobatic numbers and dangerous stunts, therefore, the entertainment of the tournaments increases several times. And blood, along with “strong language” in the federation do not shy away from. The illusion of a real battle is created.


Combat Zone Wrestling appeared in 1998, and the famous ex-wrestler John Zandig became the founder of the federation. From the fights seen, the language will not turn to talk about the performances. The limits on strong blows and a real battle have been weakened as much as possible, so there is definitely no time for entertainment – wrestlers show just a fight, not a show, but such rules led to the fact that fights were forbidden on official TV channels. Too much cruelty.


The federation was founded in 2002, and its name translates as Ring of Honor (arena of respect). The name is not accidental, since the respect of fighters for each other is the basis of competitions under the auspices of this federation. And the programs are spiced up with acrobatic stunts and other spectacular elements. The Federation took a tilt towards the show program, to the detriment of dialogues between the fighters.

Types of bets in wrestling

Fight betting, created for fun, attracts a specific audience of bettors. Someone wants to make money, while other cappers are interested in watching the competitions, and bets fuel this interest. Of course, domestic bookmakers are not full of a variety of lines, since this type, combining sports and entertainment, has not yet gained such popularity as overseas. The main wrestling bets include:

  • victory of one of the wrestlers;
  • the victory of a specific wrestler in a tournament (consists of several competitions);
  • defeat in the tournament (the capper makes a bet that the fighter will not win the tournament, intermediate results do not matter);
  • type of victory (the opponent surrendered, on points, etc.);
  • prediction of whether or not there will be a knockout in the confrontation;
  • bets on the disqualification of an opponent.

How to make a bet on wrestling?

The wrestling betting algorithm is quite simple. Bettor chooses a bookmaker office where bets on these events are accepted. Next, you need to decide on a specific rate. Professional cappers even adhere to some strategies, despite the fact that the fights are predominantly staged in nature.

Pay attention to this when betting on wrestling

Following some rules when betting on this sport increases the chances of winning. Rules help to form a certain knowledge base. In addition, rules and experience help to develop intuition or a kind of feeling, which is also not superfluous in betting.
It is necessary to follow the show regularly in order to understand how fights are arranged, which wrestlers are considered leaders, etc. The patterns of staged fights can also be tracked.
The capper must arm himself with news from the world of wrestling, which also affects the balance of power. The most informative news and expert materials are published in English.
Try to anticipate further developments. Study the signals of fighters, spectators, organizers, see the statistics of the competition. Even staged wrestling has its own logic, and it is important to understand it.
Do not distribute your attention to numerous tournaments and federations. It is better to decide on which wrestlers you will bet in order to better study them.
Emotions get in the way of betting. If you sympathize with the wrestler or, conversely, feel antipathy, it is better to refrain from betting on the participant.
Compare the fights and behavior of wrestlers: how they fight, what tricks are favorite, how the audience reacts to them. Keep track of additional factors that can determine the outcome of the fight. Look for patterns in battles, pay attention to the characteristic details.

Why should you try betting on wrestling?

Wrestling is a kind of industry where the spirit of confrontation borders on show and production, but cappers often add wrestling fights to the number of predictions. At first glance, it is not easy to guess the scenario, but professional bettors follow the events on their own, and therefore, sooner or later, they begin to catch some patterns. This approach is the key to success.