What do you need to know about wrestling?

Matches usually represent a duel where the wrestlers try to hold each other up to three. Titles (belts) are also motivation to win. There is a lot of variety here. A huge number of different fighting styles, many conditions for matches. It is even difficult to single out something. Everyone can find whatever their heart desires. If you want technology and flights, then wrestling is a good option.

There are also tougher styles, including hard hits and pains.
Good and exciting matches, during which you can relax a lot. Each one is unique in its own way, and each has its own story that wrestlers are ready to tell.

The most famous wrestling companies are:

WWE. It is the most famous company, which is almost a monopoly in this business. Largely because of WWE, wrestling is what it is. Many who started watching wrestling started with this company and its show.

NJPW. NJPW is a world-famous Japanese wrestling company. Some of the best matches in the world take place in this company (all GIFs are from there). This company doesn’t have a big stake in the plot like the WWE. But despite this; confrontations, gimmicks, and matches are much better than in the WWE. In NJPW, the confrontations themselves are built around titles, no personal grudges. And something amazing comes out of such plots.

Source: mountmatmadness.com